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Table 1 Projects involving communities and inland fisheries management of Bangladesh

From: Effective supervision of inland capture fisheries of Bangladesh and its hurdles in managing the resources

Project name Donor Executed organization Duration
Improved management of open water fisheries Ford foundation DoF, WorldFish (previous ICLARM), BRAC, Proshika and friends in village development 1991–1994
Oxbow lakes small scale fishermen’s project-phase II IFAD and DANIDA DoF and BRAC 1991–1997
Compartmentalization pilot project (CPP) GOB, FRG and the Dutch BWDB and a number of NGOs at different times 1991–2000
Community based fisheries development and habitat restoration project-phase I Ford foundation CNRS and Proshika 1994–1997
Community based fisheries management (CBFM)-phase I Ford foundation DoF, worldfish (previous ICLARM), Caritas, Proshika, BRAC and Banchte Shekha 1995–1999
Management of aquatic ecosystems through community husbandry project (MACH) USAID Winrock international, DoF, BCAS, CNRS and Caritas 1998–2008
Dampara water improvement project GOB and CIDA BWDB, DoF, NACOM and Tara 1998–2001
Fourth fisheries project (inland fisheries component) GOB, IDA, GEF, DFID and beneficiaries DoF, BWDB, LGED, NGOs and local fishing communities 1999–2004
Sustainable environment management program (fisheries component) UNDP DoF, IUCN, CNRS, NACOM and BCAS 2000–2003
Community based fisheries management in south and south East Asia (CBFM-SSEA) IFAD DoF, WorldFish (previous ICLARM), ERA, SUJON 2001–2007
Community based fisheries management (CBFM)-phase II DFID WorldFish (previous ICLARM), DoF, BELA, BRAC, CNRS, Banchte Sheka, Caritas, Femcom and Proshika 2001–2006
Sunamganj community based resource management project (fisheries component) GOB and IFAD LGED, MoL, DoF, DAE, DoL, BKB, worldfish and local NGOs