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Table 1 The ten industries that would benefit most from Taiwan’s accession to the TPP, and the ten industries that would be most negatively impacted

From: TPP, trade-off and eco-system establishment in Taiwan

Industries benefiting most Change in output Industries suffering the biggest negative impact Change in output
Man-made fibers and glass fiber textiles 123,676 Semiconductors −17,996
Other textiles 43,380 Applicable machinery −15,469
Petroleum refining tablets 39,276 Other special machinery and equipment −11,607
Knitted fabrics 39,086 Optical materials and components −10,786
Cotton and cotton textiles 35,810 Slaughtering and meat by-products −9651
Petrochemical raw materials 25,838 Metalworking machinery −8708
Residential services 25,838 Precision instruments −7255
Leather 23,985 Industrial machinery and equipment repair and installation −5839
Wholesaling 19,863 Other electronic components −5824
Plastics (synthetic resin) 18,193 Other metals −4535
  1. Unit: NT $ 1 million