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Table 5 Land filling in restricted areas by public developers.

From: Rapid urbanization and changing land values in mega cities: implications for housing development projects in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Land/housing development project Number of developed plots/apartments Land conversion/water body filling Acts/policies violated
Purbachal new town of RAJUK 21,780 plots 2490 ha of FFZ and high value agricultural land converted to housing projects Water body preservation Act 2000 which declares lakes as environmentally critical areas FFZ, agricultural land and retention pond policies of DMDP
Jhilmil project of RAJUK 1800 plots 154 ha of FFZ and High Value Agricultural land converted to housing projects
RAJUK Uttara Model Town 3rd phase 150 plots Filling up of 300 ft wide lake
RAJUK Gulshan-Banani-Baridhara project 400 plots Filling up of Gulshan-Banani lake which narrowed down the lake from 500 ft to 80 ft
NHA apartment project 3360 apartments 18 ha of Banani-Mohakhali lake filled up